Chess breaks through all language and cultural barriers. It attracts all ages and both sexes. Because its rules are the same in every country it is a language that everyone speaks. Chess is now more popular than at any time during its history.

Checkmate TV Show was an idea conceived and created by Monika Gergelova three years ago.  The team behind Checkmate consists of industry professionals who have produced and made exciting films & TV shows.  Checkmate is based on the old TV programme the Master Game from the 70s and 80s with a twist, women Grandmasters are competing against the men Grandmasters on a level footing in a specially staged tournament.  The idea is, with the women competing against the men it opens the show up to a much wider audience.

The players are competing for cash prizes as well as the Checkmate trophy and this leads to tension throughout the tournament and makes for interesting viewing. Also, rather than record the show in a studio, each series of Checkmate is recorded in a different location adding a geographical interest for viewers. The aim for Checkmate is to introduce chess to the masses and bring the show to a much wider audience so it can be enjoyed by everyone. Checkmate is planning to shoot future series in different countries.

Checkmate TV Show is for the uninitiated it is an introduction to a fascinating world. You don’t need to know how to play chess to be able to watch Checkmate as you can learn from very first series what each piece does, and games explained by GM Simon Williams.